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Yellow Grip - Burn the Leech - Fade out on me my Past and Futures (2019)

I Want to Tell You the Strange Beauty of Being Alive
The strain we’re under of being remembered. It whispers to her on empty streets, it’ll be videotaped as it wears her out. Cultivating unease and consumes hopefulness she gazes on mesmerised. Reminding her of the shame and wanting, consoling her with the refuge of death. She lives desperately with it, and becomes it. Before heaven falls upon, as the sun slowly breaks through and the air becomes heavy with the scent of beginning, my pulsating body becomes the one. Everything comes from the one and returns to the one. From afterlife returning to life, by the life, for the death. Past, present, future.

Copyright ©2019 Christopher Stangeby. All Rights Reserved